Planets on-line across the sun

The eye of god in front of me

Sees my mind, knows my sins

Forgive me lord, I'm misery

Through the line across the sun

The words of god reach the earth

Through the venus and mercury

Listen close the words of god


War - Kill - Fight - Survive

War - Kill - Bad - Constellation

Time and tide cycle of life

Solar system leave behind

Cosmic journey through the space

Four dimensioned human race

Flash-light message on the sky

Digital letters save our souls

Born of death end of life

Listen close the words of god

Time and tide cycle of life

Solar system leave behind

Cosmic journey through the space

Four dimensioned human race

From the sun cross mercury

Through the venus on the earth

Time and tide cycle of life

Don't forget the words of god

Rewind, stop and play

The truth is falsified the false is true

The past has been stolen

The present kills the past in the future


Nice day to die

Get the brand new shoes

Before you go and kill them all

Check the TV news

Forward, stop and clear

Punks eat the trash for survive

Kids beat the punks

Celebs buy the kids for the fame

Eject, power off

Dealers overdosed no more drugs

World War in the hell

I want back my life it's my own

Hybernation after

My body’s under pressure

Bubles passing by

It’s cold, so cold

Something’s wrong

Wrong, wrong and unexplained

Liquid inhalation

Progammed respiration


Out of the time

Out of the light

Out of the sound

Out of my ego

Morbid situation

Sweat, sweat consumption

Makes me strong

The evolution is on

Acid absorption

Total, total destruction

The vengeance’s mine

Just Let me, let me out of here

Not, not bad at all

Being well protected

Not being detected

Hiding from the others

The prison makes me free

I see now the whole world

And have the power

Black out  for good

Panic in your eyes

The lines of your face

Suggests something more than normal

The knife is the greatest ally

Solving the puzzles of your hell


Analysis isolates, Knife exposes

Medication controls and suggests

Analysis isolates, Knife exposes

The surgery pinpoints and corrects

I'm sorry to say so

You show all the symptoms

The problem with you it's your brain

Your skull is open

Your whole lives behind you

Pictures from the past are developed

The deeply-buried psychosis

Severe enough to produce

Frighteningly frequent agression

I'm sorry to say so

You show all the symptoms

The problem with you it's your brain

Visual contact, virtual traps on the screen

The brain is infected of datas, transfered by rays

Memory breakdown, abnormal state of the mind

A new system's loaded, the brain-cells are waiting for codes


Shut me off

Brain of the human can't explain the time and the space

The blood in the body rapidly acidifies

Pupillary reflex negative, death certified

The mind is leaving now the exhausted body behind

Degeneration threatens the human race

Computer software controls the impulse of brain

The human intelligence limited can't reach the sky

A set-in cash system may solve the probleme for a while

Folks in the city, took to the street

The Government building's in fire

The news in the TV showing the end

Sirens and riffles are on


I am the war

There's chaos everywhere

I am the vengeance

The World War Three is near

Sick politicians now get away

They know that the time is near

New World Order come to an end

The moment of justice is here

Overdosed on agony

Killing my fear

Lethal virus trapped in me

Tries to set free

Biological countdown

Melting my brain

Black hole in my memory

Virtual flash back


Faith leaves religion now

Fear gives new form

Human brain cells fading away

Hyper space controls

Syntactical genocide

Control is on

Neverending suicide

No more remorse

Gripped by fear of overdrive

Post war syndrome

Cyborg system controls you

Heading to fall

Kill my fear

Save my soul

Sign my body

Clear my mind

Ember alkot isteneket

Program alkot embereket

Hússal tömött testek

Gépek lesztek

Program tervez egyedeket

Egyed alkot rendszereket

Program alkot embereket

Program tervez egyedeket

Lépj ki az öntudatodból

És szolgáld a fejlődést


I  N  T  E  L  L  I  G  E  N  T   R O B O T   M  U  S  I  C